Zions National Park – Tranquility Stream

Living where we do, we get more chances than most to spend time in Utah’s spectacular National Parks, and Zions National Park is one that we never tire of.  However, in the depths of the Summer months, it can seem like the Park is filled to capacity with Tour Bus Tourists being herded from one scenic spot to another so they can all jump out and snap a few selfies to prove to the folks back home that they actually were in the Park.  This method of “seeing” the National Parks has always struck us as being a pretty poor way to experience the soul refreshing tranquility that can be found just a few steps off the road.

Get of f the road in Zion National Park with us for a few minutes of contemplative relaxation.

On one recent visit, we set the camera up at a few different spots along a tiny stream and just hit “record”.  There’s nothing going on here but the water gently making its way through the canyon, the birds going about their business and the silence of Nature sort of filling the frame.

Need to unwind for a few minutes?  Might we suggest you turn up the volume and hit play.

Zions Tranquility

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