Restoring an old friend

You no doubt have heard something about the difficult water situation that the West has endured for several years, and while the Winter of 2016-2017 seems to be bring Utah a snow pack that may fix us up pretty well, before all that snow arrived, things were getting pretty dire.  This 1969 W.D. Schock Santana 22 Sailboat named “Vortex” had lived for many years in a slip on the Great Salt Lake in the Great Salt Lake State Park.  By early spring of 2015, the Marina was suffering from extremely low water levels and while the State worked to allocate some money to the Marina to pay for dredging to deepen the marina, those of us who rented slips there were forced to pull our boats out or risk having them stranded with the keels in the mud.

April 2015 – The Great Salt Lake Marina is nearly as low as it has ever been. Time to find a new place to store the boat.

Crane days were scheduled and we all prepared to pull our boats and either leave them in dry storage at the Marina, or find a new home altogether.  I decided it was time to bring the old girl home and do some much needed overhauling.  The folks at the Marina are pros when it comes to organizing and managing a massive undertaking like this, and Crane Day went off without a hitch.

Crane Day – April 2015

Settled onto the trailer, it was now time to find space on the side of the driveway at home and get busy with the makeover.

Vortex made it onto the trailer without incident. Now the real work begins.

As you can see, there’s much work to be done here to spruce things up.  A lot of the work is done now and we’ve been recording the entire process.  We’ll do a series of posts to take you through some of the major work as we do our best to bring the old girl back to life.

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