From “basecamp” here in Utah, we’re just a few hours travel from such icon destinations as Moab, Lake Powell, Flaming Gorge, the Bonneville Salt Flats and much, much more.  We can be at the gateway to the High Uintahs or bouncing around the Little Sahara Sand Dunes.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer high mountain lakes or desert country, your sure to find something you’ll enjoy around here.

We spend as much time as we can outside the city, chasing down dirt roads, camping under the stars and sometimes even battling the crowds at one of our five National Parks.

All of us that contribute to this site are pretty much just working folks like you, but we have dedicated a portion of our time to this site in hopes that you’ll find something useful or inspiring enough to make you pack the tent and head out for night or two in the wilds.  We also know that once in a while our content will be a bit dated, or our “wordsmithing” might not live up the highest of journalistic standards, but we do the best we can to provide a little entertainment and encouragement with this project.

You’ve certainly seen countless images taken from one of our iconic “Big Five”, things like Delicate Arch or Deadhorse Point, but what we’re going to try to do here is introduce you to more of the places that less of the people see when they visit here.  One of our favorite things to do is just grab the map and head out in search of a road that is shown only as a series of dotted lines, and in so doing, we often stumble across amazing scenery that most people will never see on their tour bus itinerary of Utah.

The image above for instance isn’t tough to find, it was taken on the Mirror Lake Highway near Bald Mountain in the Uintah Mountain Range.  Below is a small little place called Trout Creek, that is really only noted with a small wooden sign that directs the traveler to one of the many dirt roads in the area of Strawberry Reservoir.

And while most in Utah know of Flaming Gorge, we find that many folks have never visited there or have only driven through.  We’ve found that the area is a constant source of amazing moments.  One recent stop at the Flaming Gorge Overlook just above the Dam was the inspiration for the image below.